Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ultra rad vhs covers.

This compelling documentary film dives into the hart of rap's most wanted. Take a journey with 2 Live Crew member Luke as he interviews some of hip hop's most dangerous! My favorite interview is with H.W.A (Hoes With Attitude).            

Forget about the 90's hit martial art's film 3 Ninjas! Return Of Ninja Kids is the original!

Watch some great shitty old dusty horror movie clips and trailers as your host "The Cool Ghoul" digs through his dusty old basement. It's the ultimate party tape!

This video has one of my favorite captions at the bottom. It's a great action packed comedy for dad's and men to enjoy!

Just when you think your wrestling heroes couldn't get any cooler! They become full blown rock n rollers! A dream come true!

Batman? never herd of him!

This tape should be called How To Be Cool.

Dulph never comes in peace. Get ready for sci-fi blow your guts sky high action!

Kung fu and guns at it's best. I look at myself in the mirror and tell myself "I'm dressed to fire today" then I go kill like 100 drug lord slime ball terrorists.

Watch out! He strikes twice!

Rent this video when some of your friends from Jr. High come over to spend the night.

This no holds barred video shows it all in a cartoon style. Pretty damn educational if you ask me. Follow a perverted rubber duck as he watches Mommy and Daddy make a baby.

The interviews with the turtles in this video makes me think they should have called this video The Stoned Out Of Their Shell Tour.

Screw Tony Robbins and all them other creeps! This is the only self help tape you will ever need.

Gary Colman teaches you the rules of home safety from his creepy special little control room in this one. 

I finally know how to beat the 3rd stage boss on P.O.W. YESSSS!!!

One of the best facial expressions on any box I have ever seen.

The golden years! When arms popped out of your t.v. to hand you your award.


  1. Oh hells yes, these are archival gold VHS's. I said VHS to my friend's kid the other day and he was all.."VH whats?" This post reminds me of this site: lotsa awkward videos featured. I love it!

  2. Amazing collection! Nice work my friend! 'Spose I will scan up some of my junk later too.